Ontario Place Conceptual Master Plan

This project is a conceptual master plan, part of my Third Place: The Re-imagined Urban Amusement Park project. Check out the project as a whole by clicking here.

Ontario Place was an mixed-use seasonal waterfront park that originally
opened in 1971, right outside of downtown Toronto. The park was traditionally
targeted towards families with a slightly larger emphasis on indoor
and outdoor activities for children. Because the provincial government
has been generally unsure of how the space should be used, it has been
closed to the public since 2012 despite an increase in attendance in 2011.

As cities such as Toronto continue to evolve, our entertainment needs will
drastically change. Considering the current circumstances surrounding
the site, Ontario Place serves as a contextual location for the re-imagined
urban amusement park project and its cause.


Part of this project was to actually plan out an ideal urban amusement park, and I chose Ontario Place in Toronto as an example site. Click the image to be taken to the master plan project. Satellite imagery courtesy Google Maps.
Recent satellite imagery of the Ontario Place site. Satellite imagery courtesy Google Maps.
Finished conceptual master plan.
Finished conceptual master plan.

This conceptual master plan for a revitalized Ontario Place – as a mixed-use entertainment destination – was developed based on recommendations from an advisory panel to the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, the visions of the Ministry themselves, and my own personal vision of what the re-imagined urban amusement park should look like. This master plan only exists to give this design project a real-world context, and isn’t necessarily how Ontario Place will look in ten years’ time.

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