Let’s Go Play!


Let’s Go Play is a project focused on developing a themed amusement park based around a balance of traditional experiences and participatory play attractions.

As the themed entertainment industry continues to grow, so do the expectations of its guests, who put their hard-earned money toward immersive, mind-blowing experiences. What if we were to step back, and create an experience that is based on the essence of play in its purest form? The intent of this project is to develop a modern themed amusement park that combines active play environments, traditional attractions, and a touch of good storytelling to create an accessible, inclusive and truly meaningful play space for every guest – no matter who they are, how old they are, or where their life has led them.

This ongoing project consists of a handbook for the development of this new type of amusement park from problem to realization, as well as a 3D model / rendering to demonstrate how the park could be applied to an example site. The 3D model is split off as its own project in my portfolio, you can check it out by clicking here.

The handbook is constantly being revised – as of September 2017, I am currently in production of revision #2. Because of the nature of the photographs used as reference in the project, it can’t be published in its current state. I am currently working on developing it into a whitepaper for public consumption, but until then, I’ve uploaded some page samples below. If you’d like more information about the handbook, feel free to contact me by clicking here.



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