Let’s Go Play Process Work

Let’s Go Play! is an intensive master’s thesis project – and it’s a lot of work. Below, you’ll find samples of in-process work from the development of the project’s design, 3D visualization, and concept book.

Development of Chapter 3 of the project’s concept book using Adobe InDesign
Progress on final project site plan using AutoCAD and Rhinoceros with marked landscaping locations and accurate attraction footprints
Progress on themed spinning roller coaster developed using NoLimits Coaster, AutoCAD, Rhino, 3DS Max and V-Ray, modeled after spinning roller coasters manufactured and designed by Intamin AG of Switzerland
Progress on themed playground using AutoCAD, Rhino, 3DS Max and V-Ray, modeled after playgrounds designed and manufactured by Lappset Group Oy of Finland using product models made publicly available as a starting point for the design

Note: The Playground featured in this project is based off of designs by Lappset Group Oy of Finland. Lappset makes CAD models of many of their play structures available for the public to download. I take credit for the final 3D images, as they involve completely new construction, UV editing, themed safety panels, custom slides, materials, and more. I also take credit for what will be the final design of the playground and its surroundings within the context of the project. However, the original product models in DWG format (#137750 Adventure Forest and #137760 Activity Centre) are the intellectual property of Lappset Group. The playground is being designed as if a Lappset playground of this design were to be actually ordered, manufactured, and constructed. I do not claim to be an employee of Lappset nor do I claim to be an actual customer.

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