Creative Playspace 3D Rendering

Let’s Go Play was a master’s thesis project focused on developing a themed amusement park based around a balance of traditional experiences and participatory play attractions, and completed in June of 2017.

This 3D visualization is one of the end results of the project – a design and plan for a themed amusement park land based on the idea.

The story of Creative Playspace is the place itself – a community where inventors, artists, engineers, and architects gather together to come up with creative solutions to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. It’s a place where all of these people can proudly show off their creations – whether they are built for themselves, their families, or the greater community.

The Creative Playspace consists of a launched spinning roller coaster, a large playground, two ropes courses with obstacles of varying difficulties, a tea cups ride, a roundabout ride, a pizza restaurant, and all necessary facilities.
The themed land would be conceptually located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, alongside two other lands, to create one tiny theme park. Each land would have an average area of around 75,000 square feet. Each land is themed based around a different type of play – physical, cognitive, and social.
Overview of the southern end. Each attraction in the land was designed based around existing attraction systems.
All 3D modeling was done by me with a few exceptions – the trees scattered throughout the space are pre-made, and the playground was developed from existing CAD geometry created by the Finnish manufacturer Lappset.

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