3D Themed Amusement Rides

As a 3D visualization artist and themed entertainment designer, it’s important for me to demonstrate my competency in both disciplines. Enjoy this selection of 3D modeled themed amusement rides! Many of these rides are based off of real-life attractions sold by manufacturers around the world. Based on publicly-available information such as ride footprints and a large amount of reference imagery, I have successfully re-created the skeletons of these rides with my own thematic overlays on top. Some of these rides may show up in some of my later projects!

Based off of the Gerstlauer Waltz attraction and other similar rides at European funfairs, “Fireside Waltz” is a high-energy dance around a fireplace.
Based off of the Mack Rides Tea Cups attraction, “Gear Grinders” puts guests right in the center of a power station. The faster they spin their vehicles, the more power is generated.
“The Cobalt Flash” would be an intense steel roller coaster based around quick maneuvers and tight spirals.
Based off of Zamperla’s Windstarz attraction, “Sail Gliders” lets guests take hold of an inventor’s newest glider plane and soar through the clouds.
Based off of Zamperla’s Air Race attraction, “Air Show” puts guests in the pilot’s seat of a famous stunt plane. They join their fellow stunt pilots in the most spectacular air show the world has ever seen.

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