Portfolio – Research Projects

My enthusiasm for the themed entertainment industry and affinity for research and analysis have given me great motivation to take on intensive research and development projects that can last for six months or more working on and off. This sample of projects are my collegiate thesis projects – one completed during my undergraduate degree in 2015, and one Master’s project with an anticipated completion of spring 2017.

Each of these projects has involved looking at the themed entertainment industry from a different perspective and developing a unique experience.

In developing these projects, I use software such as Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop to develop graphics, concept books and presentations alongside my research, analysis, and whatever 3D visualization work is needed to communicate the project.

Let’s Go Play!

Let’s Go Play is a project focused on developing a themed amusement park based around a balance of traditional experiences and participatory play attractions. As the themed entertainment industry continues to grow, so do the expectations of its guests, who put their hard-earned money toward immersive, mind-blowing experiences. What if we were to step back, […]

Third Place

Third Place is a project focused around taking the Coney Island-style urban amusement park and designing it for 21st century audiences. Today’s theme parks exist, to a large extent, in isolated bubbles, bringing world-traveling tourists and enthusiasts in to take destination-based vacations. What would happen if an amusement park pulled from its surrounding environment, playing […]