Portfolio – Master Planning

The level of detail required to create many of my 3D visualizations has resulted in the need for site and master plans to go with them. As I have grown as a themed entertainment designer, I have developed a deeper understanding of physical spaces, the people that use the spaces, the need for diverse programming, and the human-curated idea of placemaking. This deeper understanding is reflected in many of the master plans featured in my portfolio.

I use Rhinoceros as a CAD drafting tool to create master plans at full scale, and software such as Illustrator and Photoshop to develop stylized plans for presentations.

Hideaway Grove

In 2016 and 2017, I was honored to work alongside two of my talented friends and classmates Nathan Evans and Emily Peck on the Savannah College of Art and Design’s finalist-placing entry in the 2017 Disney ImagiNations competition – Hideaway Grove. Nestled amongst the Spanish moss in the heart of Savannah, Georgia, this urban forest […]

Savannah Port Museum Concept

This project is a conceptual museum design and site plan, fictionally for the city of Savannah, Georgia. While the city of Savannah welcomes tourists from all around the United States, the tourists are more interested in haunted attractions, trolley tours and holiday celebrations, rather than the city’s rich history as a port. These tourist activities are […]

Sicilian Festival Conceptual Master Plan

This project is a conceptual master plan for a new themed area of an existing amusement park. Enter a celebration of Sicily, past and present! This Sicilian village has developed into a diverse cultural center – a hub for tourism and commerce alike. Celebrate the things that made Sicily great and continue to make it to this day […]

Ontario Place Conceptual Master Plan

This project is a conceptual master plan, part of my Third Place: The Re-imagined Urban Amusement Park project. Check out the project as a whole by clicking here. Ontario Place was an mixed-use seasonal waterfront park that originally opened in 1971, right outside of downtown Toronto. The park was traditionally targeted towards families with a […]

Third Place

Third Place is a project focused around taking the Coney Island-style urban amusement park and designing it for 21st century audiences. Today’s theme parks exist, to a large extent, in isolated bubbles, bringing world-traveling tourists and enthusiasts in to take destination-based vacations. What would happen if an amusement park pulled from its surrounding environment, playing […]

New Geauga Lake

This project is a conceptual master plan. If the abandoned Geauga Lake amusement park were to be reborn as a world-class theme park that stands out from competitor Cedar Point, what would it look like in five years’ time, fully-developed? The plan was developed as a result of a collaboration between myself and several stu- […]